We strive to be a leading company by achieving development and enhancing our product quality through constant suggestions and improvements.

Incorporated in 1989, Suhil Co.,Ltd. successfully localized various materials for communication cables and optical cables that used to be fully imported. We thus greatly contributed to the development of the domestic communication cable industry. In 1998, we further succeeded in localizing the F.R.P.ROD, an optical communication material.

We have grown to become one of the most notable companies in the cable industry.
Not resting on our success in the domestic market, we double our efforts to extend our business in overseas markets, including in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.

Additionally, based on our management philosophy of becoming a "trustworthy company" and practicing "efficient management," we will emphasize effective personnel management, cultivation of customer confidence, and assurance of quality management and product reliability to satisfy our customers' needs.

CEO Suh Gang-Woo