Company Name

SUHIL Co., Ltd

Registered No.


Chief Director

Suh Kang Woo


1BK Gammun Nonggong, 372 Bokwang-ri Gammun-myun,
Kimchun-city, KyungsangBuk-Do,Korea.

Tel. No.

82-54-439-2441~2, 82-439 -4124~5

Fax. No.



1989.01 Suhil Electronic was incorporated.
1993.07 Moved to the Gammun Industrial complex(Land : 66,683 ft2 Building : 19,571 ft2)
1998.01 Developed the PE filler
1998.01 Developed the PCF SSM (P.E. coating)
1998.02 Localized FRP RODS
1998.08 Suhil Co., Ltd. was incorporated (Capital : USD 150 Thousand)
2000.04 Extended its factory
2000.07 Certified as a venture business (a technology development company)
2001.10 Developed the PE Compound
2002.09 OCM Co., Ltd. was incorporated (Capital : USD 200 Thousand)
2002.10 Localized glass yarn
2002.11 Developed its PRO-FILE product (vehicle structure)
2003.03 Developed cross fillers for LAN(UTP)cables
2004.04 Extended to the world market (Signed a USD 1 Million contract with Iran for FRP rods)
2004.06 Developed F.R.P for insulators
2005.03 Was granted an ISO9001 certification(ICR)
2006.11 Developed the LFT fiber material
2007.03 Established its FTTH production line
2008.02 Developed PP fillers
2009.03 Established a sheath production line for optical cable


Plottage-  11,240§³, Factory-  4,364§³
Human resources ; Management staff- 20 persons
                             Production staff- 50 persons
Total- 70 persons

Selling Situation

Amount of Selling in 2000: U$7,000,000
Amount of Selling in 2001: U$6,520,000
Aim of Selling in 2002:     U$7,680,000

Management Policy

1. the surplus management to seek the maximum profit
2. the cost retrenchment by equipment rationalization
3. the capability to labor