1.SUHIL F.R.P rod(Central Member) is offered for the purpose of providing a non-metallic strength member for optical fiber cables. The use of this produce provides major benefits to cable manufacturers:
Cable can be designed and manufactured to be totally metal free, thus eliminating problems such as susceptibility to lightning strikes or induced electrical currents from nearby current carrying cables.
Mechanical strength of cables can be assured, based on the high strength properties of the rods.
These properties are essential in the manufacturing process and installation procedures.

2.The rods can be used to obtain these benefits in all types of fiber optic cable, including "slotted core" and "loose tube" types.

3, SUHIL F.R.P rods for use as central members in fiber optic cables are composite products based upon continuous glass fiber strands embedded in a vinyl ester resin matrix. The product is manufactured by combining the glass fiber and uncured resin together in the ratio or approximately 4:1 followed by
a continuous moulding process which cures the resin and thus product.
The use of continuous moulding allows the manufacture of 1ong lengths.

4, SUHIL F.R.P rods and use as central member are wound on wooden drum & carton sleeve without joint point.


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